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Does income matter?

In a post I created last week, a follower of my blog brought up the topic of income effecting how someone can pay off debt.  I thought it might be fun to give my opinion on this:  For the most part I disagree, … Continue reading

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I hate budgets, you probably do to…

If you were anything like me, it is hard to save because its depressing creating a budget and it’s a royal pain in the @ss following that budget.  You’ve probably run into this situation before…  Someone asks you to meet … Continue reading

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No more car payment… EVER!

In my last post I talked about developing a strategy for fighting off my debt – I said I would pay off my credit cards, then my car loan, then my student loans and finally, my mortgage.  I got my … Continue reading

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The title of my blog is “10 Years to Debt Freedom” but I have a confession to make…  It is really 9 years to debt freedom.  You see, I started my journey to being debt free last year when I … Continue reading

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